Cogs Vintage Black Drum Kit

Cogs Vintage Black Drum Kit with Zebrawood Veneer Hoops

Tired of hauling a big kit to rehearsals, gigs, studio, etc.? This is your new kit! Designed for portability & big sound!

All Maple Shells - Handcrafted.

22 x 12 Bass Drum - 7Ply

16 x 8 Floor Tom - 5Ply

12 x 6 Tom Tom - 5Ply

Round/45 Bearing Edges

2.3mm Hoops

Stainless Internal Hardware - All internal fasteners include Thread-Locker Loctite to ensure no movement or rattling.

Evans Heads - UV1/EMAD

No attached tom clamp or floating system for 12 inch Tom. Currently configured for snare drum stand (see picture). Each drum kit is hand crafted so color may slightly differ from picture due to wood.