SuperSix™ SMF™ Drum Shells

We at Cogs Custom Drums have strategically partnered with Brian Baron of Cold Mountain Drums to provide our high-end drum shells. 

SuperSix™ SMF™ Core Specifications:

  • Maple 6 Ply with 1/16th Veneer.
  • Parallelogram Seams.
  • Solid Mold Forming (SMF™).
  • Made In USA.

SuperSix™ SMF™Shells "The Details" by B.B. - 

"Although most drum companies seem the same, there is a difference.

 The heart of a great sounding drum is in the shell. Not all ply shell drums are created the same. The typical construction technique used by most major drum manufactures is a split mold design. Most drum companies use the same overseas molding machines. Make a list of your favorite major brands; I’m sure the same machines are used across the board. Therefore they are essentially manufacturing the same product throughout the drum industry. Most of us have taken years to perfect our craft as drummers.

The Solid Mold Forming SMF™ process starts with each shell material and size selection produced to achieve a specific end-result. All veneers are hand-selected and must pass the highest standards of quality. Each select ply is hand-sanded and inspected before shell forming. The shell is molded by hand in Cold Mountain Process™ proprietary solid molds.

The Solid Mold Forming SMF™ produces a shell that is extremely strong, musical and of the highest quality. Major brands using the split mold method place plies in the opened split mold loosely which are left to conform to the platens.

Solid Mold Forming SMF™  in a solid mold assures a quality fit and tighter dimensional tolerances. In mass produced shells, typically plies are cut shorter to allow an easier fit in the mold .This allows anyone to operate the machine.

Solid Mold Forming SMF™ takes a skill set that is acquired over years of experience. Additional drawbacks to mass produced split mold formed shells are ply’s cut too long can sometimes bind, producing flat spots or cracks in the shell. To correct that problem, plies are usually cut shorter in length, which can result in gaps and air pockets. Most of these facets are hidden later in the finishing process of the drum. A mass produced shell has more attention paid to the ease and speed of the fabrication rather than the overall quality of the shell."

All SuperSix™ SMF™ Shells are handcrafted in the U.S.A.