Drum Kit - Black w/Zebrawood Hoops (Demo Kit)

Demo Kit - Minor Blemishing

(Does NOT include Snare, Cymbals & Stands - Display Only)

22 x 18 Inch Bass Drum

16 x 16 Inch Floor Tom

12 x 8 Inch TomTom

All Maple Shells w/Re-rings

Bearing Edge = Round/45

100% Pure Tung Oil Interior Finish

2.3 Hoops

Cogs Custom Drums Nylon Shoulder Washers

Stainless Internal Hardware - All internal fasteners include Thread-Locker Loctite to ensure no movement or rattling.

Evans EMAD Bass Head

Remo Pinstripe/Ambassador Toms

(Note - Minor blemishing of the finish. No scratches. Black drum wrap.)