Cogs SuperSix™ Purple Maple Snare for Lefty Drummers

Cogs SuperSix™ Purple Maple Snare Drum - Lefty Drummers

This snare is setup with the throw off on the right side instead of the left (badge front). Especially for Lefty Drummers! 

14 X 6.5 INCH - SuperSix™ 6 Ply Maple Shell

Bearing Edge = Round/45

Satin Purple Maple Finish

100% Natural Tung Oil Interior Finish

2.3 Hoops

Trick Throw-Off

Cogs Custom Drums Nylon Shoulder Washers

Stainless Internal Hardware - All internal fasteners include Thread-Locker Loctite to ensure no movement or rattling.

Evans Heads

Sound Your Very Best™