Cogs Red Glass Glitter Demo Kit

Cogs Red Glass Glitter Demo Kit (Used)

Lightly used demo kit with all brand new Evans drumheads. No scratches but some light buffing marks on the bass drum. Excellent shape. Awesome quality of sound.

Ash/Birch Shells - DrumLite Pro Install

20 x 14 Bass Drum

10 X 6 Tom

12 x 8 Tom

14 x 12 Floor Tom

16 x14 Floor Tom

14 x 5.5 9 Ply Maple Snare - Tamo Ash Veneer - 2.3mm Hoops, Trick Throw-off

Round/45 Bearing Edges

2.3mm Hoops

Stainless Internal Hardware - All internal fasteners include Thread-Locker Loctite to ensure no movement or rattling.

Evans Heads - UV1 on Toms

INDe Tom and Floor Tom Mounts.