Labor of Love.... Behind the scenes

July 06, 2017

Labor of Love.... Behind the scenes

Wow... I absolutely love what I do. 

If you are a drummer in today's world, there are so many choices for a good quality set of drums. Your no longer stuck having to buy what advertised in a couple of magazines and what the large companies say you should buy. Now, you can reach out to a number of small businesses that are not only run by a drummer but also a great craftsman.

As a drummer and small business owner, you have to wear many hats. Not only do you physically build the drums, you also have to be good at photography, video, website design, general artist, a traveling salesman, accounting, legal stuff and oh...everything it takes to formally run a small business according to the government. It is truly a labor of love. I love it!

In parallel to running a small business, the most important and also the most fun is having the ability to work with fellow drummers. I guess technically you are supposed to call them customers but we all share the same passion. Developing all these new relationships is the best part of the job.

Please support your small business drum manufacture. Your going to get an instrument that is most likely going to be far superior to the big box store companies. Plus, you get to develop a relationship withe the person who is actually building your drums. Are you really going to get that experience with the large companies? Nahhh....




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